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При заказе окон сначала выполняются все необходимые замеры, по которым и будут изготовлены нужные пластиковые окна ПВХ. Их привозят уже в готовом виде, и сама установка пластиковых окон производится очень быстро. Следующий за ней этап установки пластиковых откосов скорее уже относится к разряду дизайнерских работ по оформлению интерьера комнаты. Пластиковые окна долговечны.

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гостиница EQUATORIAL 4* superior first Местонахождение: Центр города Адрес: BANDAR HILIR, 35000 MELAKA, MALAYSIA, Телефон: 60-6-2828333, Факс: 60-6-2829333 Количество комнат: 450 Скидки детям: с 2 по 12 лет. Описание: Расположение CITY CENTRE Дополнительная информация LOCATION Located near the historical areas of St Paul`s Church, it is also within walking distance to the Makhota Parade shopping mall. It has two views - city and seafacing. It commands an excellent seaview from the higher floor and also of the ruins of St Paul`s Church and the museum. The old sector of town, Bandar Hilir is a 20 min walk over St Paul`s. ROOMS Room are large and spacious with light cream colored walls and flower print soft finishings. Standard room are equipped with bath showers whilst deluxe rooms come with separate shower stalls. RESTAURANT The are a few restaurants in the hotel and of special mention is the Malay restaurant, Seri Bayu. It serves dinner in the traditional style where guests sit on the floor on cushions and live traditional music is played. There is also a Chinese and Japanese restaurant, a cigar lounge and a cafe. EXTERIOR The hotel presents a new and modern exterior in cream paint and terracotta roof. It is a modern highrise with 22 floors and balconies facing the sea. LOBBY The lobby is large with a mezzanine floor. There are some seating available around a large round table with flower arrangement. There is a cafe and lounge on the flanks of the lobby area. GENERAL One of the top hotels in Malacca in terms of luxury and furnishings, offering wonderful views of historical Malacca. AC Dec 2000 Заметки COMPLIMENTARY BUFFET BREAKFAST PROVIDED. COMPLIMENTARY BUFFET BREAKFAST PROVIDED. COMPLIMENTARY BUFFET BREAKFAST PROVIDED. COMPLIMENTARY BUFFET BREAKFAST PROVIDED. COMPLIMENTARY BUFFET BREAKFAST PROVIDED.